Kitchen Storage

As we all know storage is a key part to any kitchen. Not only do our kitchens need to be stylish and look beautiful on the outside, but be practical and innovative on the inside. At Lima Kitchens we pride ourselves in being able to strike the right balance for you and your family.

To ensure that we are able to do so we work closely with one of the worlds leading fixture and fitting manufacturers. This provides us with the confidence that we are always aware and able to provide the latest, most effective and reliable kitchen storage solutions to our clients. We base our design techniques and knowledge on the on-going and latest research within the industry. This enables us to look at the space from a more dynamic view point than older and more widely known theory, 'the working triangle'. Using this dynamic kitchen storage and workflow research means that we are truly able to utilise anyone's kitchen to its full potential whilst creating the perfect ambiance for the kitchen they foresee.

One of the most increasing requests that we have is to keep units to a minimum and at a low level, as this helps create a light and open feel to the room. The stumbling point that many clients tend to find with this is the concern and the restrictions that their existing kitchen imposes on them, along with the difficulty to visualise how they are able to use the space and storage in an alternative fashion. We aim to work through this with each of our clients until they are completely happy and comfortable with the final result. You can take a look at the services we offer to help you do so on Our Services page. We also try to introduce you to the storage possibilities open to your new kitchen in an informative and easily understood manor both in the showroom and here on the Lima Kitchen's website.

As we work so closely with Blum UK, one of the worlds leading drawer and hinge manufactures, we are able to play an important role in their kitchen research. We do so in two manors;

  • Firstly, we always share the constant feedback we get from our clients, installers and cabinet manufacturers, which ensures that the products are kept at the high standards that are consistently achieved by Blum and continue to improve the way kitchens throughout the UK and the rest of the world are used.
  • Secondly, should our clients wish to participate in the on-going research with Blum UK and Lima Kitchens, along with benefiting from the excellent attention to detail that comes with the process, we offer a Kitchen Test Drive session here in Milton Keynes, and, in home kitchen research. In home research includes filming our client cooking a meal in their existing kitchen and then again in their new kitchen.

This insight benefits you and the evolution of how the changing demands on our day to day lives impact on the way we all use our kitchens and kitchen storage. Identifying areas for improvement in design of both the kitchen, and storage solutions, is key to being able to create the ideal work and living space.

For examples of some of the kitchen storage solutions available please take a look below at the 5 storage zones that need to be considered when designing your kitchen. These sections include further information on the type of storage in this area, along with storage videos demonstrating the ease and flexibility of each component.

All storage ideas are suggestions only and some items cross over between zones. It is not always necessary to fill each zone with complete storage solutions but thinking about the theory should help you get the best from your kitchen and your budget.

Below you will see 5 zones that need to be considered when designing your kitchen along with storage videos demonstrating the ease and flexibility of each component.