Where to start with a new kitchen project

//Where to start with a new kitchen project

Where to start with a new kitchen project

So you have decided to buy a new kitchen.  You’re excited and looking through Pinterest and good home magazines but really, what do you need to think about and where do you start?

Getting a feel for the styles and look of what you want is great but what separates a kitchen that comes in at £15,000 to one at £30,000?  What do you really need and what is just a gimmick and how do you truly start the process?

We have 5 key areas that we believe you should prioritise, and during this process we expect that these may realign as you learn about what is available and you determine where you see value.

  • Aesthetics

First of all get to the showrooms.  Nothing shows you the difference between products than being able to touch and feel them.  As you visit you will see many similar styles, colours, textures and you will become overwhelmed with how many beautiful kitchens there are.

  • Functionality

The next thing  you will notice is how many products there are to make you love your new kitchen.  At the top of everyone’s list is ample work space, an increase of storage  and improving access to those tricky spaces such as corners.  The great news is that there are so many products and design principles that can help you with this.  As a Landmark storage specialist we focus on making sure your investments works for you now and in the future, creating easy access to your kitchen.  We also place a big focus on workflow and the social element of modern day kitchens.  We plan kitchens taking in to consideration how you will work in your kitchen, where items need to be and creating zones that will allow people to join you in the kitchen without being in the way, no matter the size.

Functionality is easily pushed to one side but it is key for you to elevate your new kitchen from great to exceeding your dreams.

  • Quality

As experts, we know how important it is to invest in quality units both for the life of your kitchen and achieving a beautiful kitchen. It is our job to help you understand the differences and how this could impact your new kitchen now and in the future. Making an investment in higher spec units now could save you in the long run, both time and money.

Find out more about the quality of our units https://limakitchens.co.uk/kitchen-construction/

  • Service

Choosing a new kitchen has more decisions than just products. You also have to choose a company! It is important that you can communicate well with the company you choose and that you feel comfortable trusting them with your project.  After all this is a massive investment and not something you do everyday.

To help you make the decision you need to decide if you are looking for full co-ordination of your project with no worries over organising electricians, plasterers, flooring, etc or a straight-forward installation, perhaps you are planning a new extension with builders under taking the majority of the work, or you are looking to take on the challenge and install your new kitchen personally?  No matter the approach, weighing up the method of communication and support provide could be invaluable as unforeseen complications arise. Are you happy with email, a call centre or would you prefer a face-to-face conversation?  Determining this early on between you and prospective companies could save you a lot of time, stress and delay later down the line.

  • Cost

If this is your forever home or to tide you over until you come to sell in 5-10 years buying a kitchen that will last rather than cheaper alternatives that may need replacing after 6-10 years will make a big difference to the value and sale of your property and hassle free living.

Calculating the true cost of buying a mass produced kitchen may save you 10-25% now but cost you more in the long run with prospective buyers knocking down your selling price or the need for premature replacement.  Our kitchens should leave you loving the lasting quality and functionality for years to come and wanting a change 25 years down the line rather than desperately needing one.  All of the above points will impact your final cost and by prioritising these points will help understand the true value of your purchase.

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